Monday, January 22, 2007

Predictions Gone Awry... ESPN Annoyance

Well so much for any supposed clairvoyance I possess. So far, all of my day 8 quarterfinal predictions failed. I am most surprised by Blake's lack of fight against Gonzalez.

And the way it looks now, I may face a clear sweep of my predictions. The Rafael Nadal-Andy Murray match is being contested as I write this around 7 AM New York time, closing in on midnight Melbourne time. Murray has just taken the first set in a tiebreak. It'd be nice to watch this match but due to ESPN's baffling programming, I am left to watch numbers flash periodically on the screen from the official Australian Open web site.

In the past, ESPN has moved live programming to one of its infinite channels - most commonly ESPN Classic, when matches run overtime. But unfortunately not on this Monday morning. And with this match being one of the most anticipated of the tournament and the fact that it is being played at a reasonable hour for viewing, as opposed to 3AM, I find it ridiculous that ESPN is depriving the loyal tennis fan of watching the match.

In this information-impossible-to-avoid society we inhabit, I will find it a difficult task to avoid the score of this tussle before ESPN airs the taped version at 3 this afternoon. But I'll try nonetheless and hope for Rafa to triumph to preserve some respect for my forecasting.